Evie Hernandez

evie-hernandez-speaker-professor-author-headshot Evie Hernandez is known as the SMarketing Professor at Bizniversity®. She empowers business owners and marketing professionals to grow profits by effectively Integrating Sales with Marketing (SMarketing) to obtain greater results. She shares her experience on stage and online of how she leverages her XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System – which she created over 5 years at her boutique marketing agency in Miami, FL. She speaks at Colleges, Chambers of Commerce, SCORE Chapters, Trade Associations and companies throughout the United States.

Evie is an experienced SMarketer. Creating engaging content experiences is a challenge she accepts with passion every day. She believes in creating content that Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Clients.

Evie is the Chief Marketing Officer of XoomIM, LLC, the founder of the Hispanic Women’s Business Owners Group – HispanaPreneur™, and the SMarketing professor at Bizniversity®. Evie will be sharing her Secrets to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients in her upcoming marketing book scheduled to be published by January 2020.

As an experienced Inbound Marketing Expert, a Certified NLP Business Coach, a Certified Solution Provider for Constant Contact, and a Google – GYBO Partner, Evie is a much sought-after speaker because she is considered a subject-matter expert on Business Marketing.

After over 10 years in Corporate America working in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Bayer, Abbott and Wyeth, and over 14 years successfully growing her own brand in Florida, Evie puts her experience and expertise towards helping other business owners Attract, Capture and Retain Clients.

Evie is passionate about teaching and helping businesses develop a stronger online brand presence, so they can Get Found, Get Leads, and Get Results™.

Evie developed The XoomIM SMarketing System by combining her over 24 years of Sales and Marketing experience to execute an integrated SMarketing strategy that Guarantees Results.

Evie’s Top 3 Most Requested Workshop Titles

  1. Constant Contact – “How to Attract, Capture and Retain Clients by Marketing in The Inbox”
  2. Attract and Capture More Clients by Video Marketing
  3. Google – Grow Your Business Easily and Effectively with Google Reviews

For a complete list of titles, please visit www.xoomim.com/marketing-workshops

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Evie’s Class

Attract Clients Now: The Bizniversity® Strategic Growth System

A 90-Day Step by Step, Results-Oriented Strategic Plan To Grow Your Business by SMarketing In the Inbox

Imagine how you will feel if every time you send out an email campaign, you know you’re going to make a sale?

How about if every campaign you create makes a stronger bond between your brand and your prospects?

Now imagine if every email helped to push along all the lingering “maybes” and convert them into actual clients – sooner rather than later?

Your email list may be big, but it’s worthless to your business if you are not monetizing it in some way each and every time you send a campaign.

Get the tools you need to make email marketing work for you, like it does for so many others.

You may agree that growing your business can be challenging if you do not have a Strategic sMarketing Plan.

You may further agree that if you want to grow your business, you must invest in it by leveraging the most innovative marketing automation available to you.

You will also agree that marketing and promoting your business is an essential step to accelerate your growth.

Knowing what type of marketing campaigns to run can be confusing because there are so many choices for you today.

You may be asking yourself, why should you integrate email marketing into all your company growth efforts?

Research has proven that email marketing has a huge return on investment and that may be easy to understand when you realize that all your leads, prospects, and clients have an inbox that they look at regularly – so why wouldn’t you want to reach them on a channel they’re already on?

Maybe you have been trying email marketing, but you are either getting average results, or you have given up because you are not getting any results. And that may be because you are not using the best tools in the best possible way.

Imagine how much time you will save once you learn to easily automate all your email marketing by applying some simple tactics that you will learn when you attend this class.

Imagine if you had a proven system that you could easily duplicate.

By attending this class, you will learn simple steps that have proven to deliver the outcomes necessary to dramatically grow your company.

Are you now ready to invest the time, money and energy to begin?

If so, then this class is for you.

Because this class will empower you with the tools necessary to:

1)   Attract Client Traffic

2)   Capture Email Leads

3)   Retain Client Loyalty by Automating Your Campaigns

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